Our Guarantee

We guarantee you a well connected experience while you're away. Regular updates about your pet and immediate contact if necessary.

Fun & Comfort

With Fire Dog Service, your dog can stay comfortable and happy in their home while you're away with plenty of playtime every day.


wrote a review for Fire Dog
A moment ago
I had so much fun with Fire Dog! We played ball, went on ...SQUIRREL... went on long walks, and had fun relaxing. I definitely recommend them to all my dog pals!


wrote a review for Fire Dog
On 7/1/15
Hot diggity DOG!!! Treats and Walks And Pets, oh my! I had so much fun when my parents were out of town! I hardly knew that they were gone since I got to spend the entire week at home with my food, my bed, and my toys. I had the best leader in the house that knew exactly what I needed, and delivered time after time. I highly recommend Fire Dog for all my dog sitting needs! 5 Paws all the way!!!